Monday, July 21, 2008

Ergun Caner vs. James White on Calvinism

This is the first episode of Radio Free Geneva that has been put on Youtube. The purpose of RFG is to dispel the many caricatures, straw men, and misrepresentations that those who are opposed to Reformed Theology (ie. Calvinism) normally make when critiquing the other side. Lord willing, there will be more in the future that deal with different subjects.

Ergun Caner delivered a sermon a few years ago called "Why I am Predestined Not to be a Hyper-Calvinist." However, many Reformed folk thought the sermon would have been more aptly titled "Why I am Not Predestined to Represent the Side I am Critiquing Accurately." In this episode of Radio Free Geneva, James White deals with the many straw men and mischaracterizations that Ergun Caner promoted during this sermon and rectifies them. This episode is especially helpful because many of the arguments Caner brought up are many of the same that are brought up regularly by opponents of the doctrines of grace.

Here is the link to where you can buy the mp3 of this program for $1.73:

Here are links to where you can find out more information about how the debate that was supposed to be didn't occur. Start with 10/6/06 "Regarding the Lynchburg Situation" and work your way up.:

Here is some written correspondance between Ergun Caner and James White:

Tom Ascol, who was going to be James White's debate partner in this debate commented on it on Founder's Blog, as well:

Here, Ascol comments on the sermon presented in this edition of RFG.:

Finally, here's a link that discusses logical fallacies. I figured it would be very helpful considering the nature of this video.:

The Alpha and Omega graphics used in this video were made by Micah Burke (klockheed on Youtube). Great job, Micah!

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