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One of the best CDs released in the last 12 months is, Turn My Life Up by Sho Baraka. I purchased the album in December 2007 and I have probably listened to it about a thousand times, and I am yet to get tired of it! It is really an amazing album. The song I keep listening to right now is called, Great Day II Die. The sound quality on this clip is not very good but you can get an idea about the song. The lyrics are below the video clip. Enjoy!

Great Day II Die

Verse 1
Wake up in the morning gotta thank GOD/
Next thing I do , Luke 9/
Gotta lose my life daily bear my cross/
Sold my soul years ago but still count the cost/
When I walk in the spirit I got the mind of Christ/
There's no doubt in my mind the flesh gon die tonight/
He controls my actions and controls my thoughts/
Cleansed my filthy thinking, your boys brainwashed/
I know the young ones watching we're role models/
I aint tripping cuz we saw the role modeled/
We also saw in his scriptures yeah we will follow/
To the end of the earth homie full throttle/
Check my roots cuz I was born a slave /
I escaped the bondage cuz I was born again/
The flesh want to scrimmage like he the champion/
He might win some but he just lost one/

Cuz Today is a Good day to die (now want a flesh a keep on burning)
Bare your cross each day when you rise (You know the world it keeps on turning)
My LORD left the grave he is alive (so make a flesh sacrifice)
And for his pain oh ourselves we do deny ( less of we more of the king)

Verse 2
Wake up in the morning thank GOD for the great scheme/
You know 1 Peter 3:18/
The lust of the eyes ,the pride of life,/
The lust of the flesh its gon die tonight/
This is not my home I just need to remember/
I got a home in the heavens miles higher than Denver/
While the church strives to make Forbes to fifty/
The earths on a thing wire like B-More city/
These cats are mocking GOD they claim they're Go-getters/
We're scared to spit the truth we're scared they won't feel us/
These cats don't want to follow they just want to lead/
Check Genesis 3 its GOD they wanna be/
And don't fear the man who can kill the flesh/
You better fear the GOD who puts your soul to death/
And don't cry for me, on the day I die/
You tell my momma," No women no Cry!"

Verse 3
Wake up in the morning I gotta do that death thing/
You know Romans homie 8:13/
Putting to death the deeds of the body/
Fleeing temptation aint no maybe or probably/
Cuz I know me, me flesh is weak/
Cuz all I see is death in streets/
And rappers promote it like its okay/
And me at one point but not today/
These broad of vipers they just passing out venom/
And they don't understand that this poison will kill them/
They race from the truth they got runners endurance/
I hope that contract they signed got fire insurance/
And I know it doesn't so I preach the truth/
But first I kill my flesh its what I gotta do/
I killed it once before, I'll do it all over/
Since he paid the bill I'm a buffalo soldier/
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