Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Somebody's Daughter" Raises Pornography Awareness

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Pornography succeeds in luring about 40 million adults in the United States annually into its many traps. This includes untold numbers of Christian leaders and pastors who struggle against its daily attraction and stumble in the fight.

The September release of the DVD-CD set “Somebody’s Daughter: A Journey to Freedom from Pornography” focuses on this struggle of Christians in ministry. Oct. 26 through Nov. 2 is Pornography Awareness Week, and the makers “Somebody’s Daughter” hope the DVD will not only promote awareness but also help those facing the addiction.

“Somebody’s Daughter” is a multimedia release featuring a television documentary, which details the lives of three men and one couple active in Christian ministry, who struggled with and overcame addiction to pornography. It addresses the universal appeal of pornography, speaking to individuals, families and churches.

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For more information see The Somebody’s Daughter website at this link:
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