Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do Things Entertained Affect Life's Decisions?

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Olympic hero Michael Phelps was caught smoking marajuana, man what a blow! His sponsorhip and his image is at risk. Why do these things happen? Well in Michael's case could it be because of what he's listening too?

During the past olympic games one of the things viewers wanted to know most was what is Michael Phelps listening to in his ipod. Michael had his ipod on before every competition and when asked about it his response was that he listens primarily to Lil Wayne in his ipod. Could this be an influence in Phelp's life? Well I know a little bit about Lil Wayne from growing up in New Orleans and one thing I know is that he is given to addictive drug use and primarily marajuana use. This rises in my mind the debate on if the music we listen to really affects us. And I would make an arguement that in the case of Micheal Phelps his music choice is an influence on his habits. You see this is not the first time Micheal is in the news because of deviant behavior.

I give it to Micheal... he did apologize but I think his apology is a reflection of the sin nature. Once we are caught then we feel sorry. When I first heard that Phelps listened to Lil Wayne in his ipod I was a little surprised, but I must say that with this breaking news I would now say that Phelps and Lil Wayne as well as all of us have a lot in common. We all need Jesus and only Jesus can fill the void that eight Olympic medals or countless music awards can't fill.
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