Monday, February 23, 2009

Top Ten For February

It is finally here! My top ten songs for February. It was difficult to narrow the list to just ten songs. I have 609 songs on my I-Pod that were in the running for this top ten list.

Let me point out a few things:

So here it is:

1. Mahogany Jones: She was on in the top ten for January and she is back for this month as well. Her song, Lose Control was featured in the top ten for January. This month I am featuring her song, Easy. Mahogany Jones has clearly released the best album of 2009 so far with the release of Morphed.

2. PRO: He shows up on both list as well. His album black out is amazing! He has a lot to say about the Rap world today!

3. HeeSun Lee:This is the first list I have included her but I look forward to her showing up in list in the future. This girl can Rap! She needs to grow in her theological knowledge but wow, she can flow!

4. Richie Righteous: This guy does not pull any punches. There is no doubt how he feels about things. I had four songs I wanted to put on the list but I decided on, Resting in Christ Hands, and Do Wut It Do. He will be in future list.

5. Flesh Killa: Wow, this is a great song and has an important message! The Flesh has to die!

6. Dre' Sr: The theologian on the list! This guy has his theology down and he can drop it behind a great beat! Check out, Know you more on this months list. See if you can name all the doctrines he deals with in 5 minutes!

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