Friday, April 3, 2009

Where In The World Is Trevor?

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since I have posted articles on regular basis. I have been very busy with the following things:

1. Thomas Aquinas. I have been working on a paper that deals with the theology of Aquinas. If you have ever read Aquinas then you know how difficult this is! If you have not tried to read and understand Aquinas then go read and then you will have some sympathy for me :) I am working on another Theology degree, but this time from a Catholic University. I want to grow in my understanding of Catholicism so when I speak against it, no one can claim that I don't know what I am taking about!

2. Worldview blog. I have a disease and I don't think there is a cure! I have way to many interest and not enough time! I wish I did not have a job so I could dedicate more time to the things I love! I have been busy working on the Worldview blog and I have been successful! Consider some numbers:

The blog has now seen over 30,000 visits!

Last month: 3774 Visits!

22 March, 2009 the Worldview blog had 448 visits!

I work on the Worldview blog alone, I have no help. This can take some serious time!

You can visit the blog at this link to see what I have been doing: blog

Here is what you can look forward to here at the Preaching Today blog:

I hope to begin recording more podcast for the sermonaudio site and for the Preaching Today blog. If possible I will try to do that tonight!

More regular post. I hope I can ensure a new post every single day. I ask all the team members of the blog to help me out. Let's work to make the Preaching Today blog much better.

Better Sermon Updates: I am way behind in posting new sermons on the sermonaudio site. Here is the link:

I hope I can post a number of sermons this weekend.

Monday my paper on Aquinas is due so please pray that I pass the class!

I should have more time now that the class is over.

Thanks for reading the Preaching Today blog and for being patient.

Have A great night

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