Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing Link Update

Someone posted the following comments for the Missing Link story:

this is a quote from
The fossil was apparently discovered in 1983 by private collectors who split and eventually sold two parts of the skeleton on separate plates: The lesser part was restored and, in the process, partly fabricated to make it look more complete.

This part was eventually purchased for a private museum in Wyoming, and then described by Jens L. Franzen, part of Hurum's team, who recognized the fabrication. The more complete part has just come to light, and it now belongs to the Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo.

. . . .hmmm is was such an important discovery it sat around for 26 years? And imagine the OUTRAGE if a Christian Church added to some scrolls that were found in order to make it "look more complete"

A cloud is like 99% water, a snow cone is about 97% water and watermelon is about 98.25568447% water so THEREFORE watermelon in the missing link between clouds and snow cones . . . right?

After reading the above comment I did some searching and found the original article that is posted at

Here is the link: Missing Link

Livescience is a sight that believes in evolution. It is always important to read both sides when dealing with a controversial subject.

According to Livescience, "The fact is that there is no such thing as "the missing link" between different stages of evolution." Here is the link to the article where this quote is found: Myth of the Missing Link

Wow, so we have some evolutionist claiming there is no missing link while other evolutionist are claiming they have found the missing link!

So, which is it?

Thanks to the person who left the comment. We appreciate it.
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