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As Christians we strive to study God's word, spend time in prayer, and seek to serve and help others. At the same time, we live in a world that offers so many distractions that at times we find ourselves focused on everything else but God and His word. These distractions are now affecting the church. Many pastors include movie clips to be shown to the congregation during the sermon. The argument is that this will help the people understand God's word. It seems to me to simply prove the fact that we are so distracted with movies and TV that we cannot even sit through a sermon without seeing a clip from a movie or TV show. Many churches even cancel services for the Superbowl! Think back a few years and remember how things were:

There was a time when you had 3 channels on the TV and they all went off the air around midnight! You did not have a DVR or a VCR so you had to watch what was on when it was on. There were times when there was nothing on TV that you wanted to watch. Time marched on and it was not long until most people had Cable TV. You now had 40-50 channels to choose from and they were on 24 hours a day! Then the VCR was introduced and nothing would ever be the same. You could record TV shows if you were going to be gone so you could watch them later. You could go to the local video store and choose from hundreds of movies to rent. Today we have DVDs and hundreds of channels to choose from.

Today the average adult male watches 29 hours per week, and the adult female watches 34 hours per week of TV.

There are no statistics that clearly prove Christians watch less!

Everyone needs to understand that things are not going to get any better. In fact, a new invention is about to make it worse!

The little box above does not seem that much of a threat but wait until you find out what this thing can do!

Over 10,000 movies & TV episodes
No advertisements or trailers to sit through
Movies start in as little as 30 seconds
Fast-forward, rewind and pause or watch again and again
Near DVD picture quality

That little box hooks to your TV and gives you access to over 10,,000 movies and TV shows immediately! You browse find what you want to watch and click a button and it begins! The box only cost $99.00

You can read all about at this link:

How are you doing with the distraction of this life?

How is your family doing?

Have you ever stopped and actually considered how much time you are spending on certain activities?

How much time do you actually spend with the things of God?

Things are not going to get easier. In fact, as technology continues to develop, we are going to have more things available!

As Christians we may have to make some difficult choices to get rid of some things.
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