Saturday, July 26, 2008

You Call This Worship?

The following was found at the, "A Little Leaven" blog.

One particularly poignant episode of South Park mocked the Christian music industry. In that episode the crass little creeps from South Park started a "Christian Band" by changing the lyrics to popular love songs. Every time the word 'baby' appeared in a song they replaced it with the word 'Jesus' and viola, the song was 'Christianized'.

Well, it appears that the makers of South Park knew what they were mocking. Here is video of what is passing for worship now a days. The "worship" leader is Rick Pino and the "praise song" being sung is a popular song from the 80's called You Spin Me Right Round and only one word was changed in order to Christianize it. (Ironically, the word 'baby' was changed to 'Jesus')

Here are my comments:

Before I post the video let me say this. If a christian wants to listen to the original version of the song that is fine. The song is not a christian song and it should not be used in worship. Taking your socks and spinning them around in the air is not worship! It is dumb, silly and just plain cheesy! If I was an unbeliever I would laugh at the utter stupidity of this and think how lame!

Watch for yourself what Christians are calling worship today:

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Blogger Ben said...

wow. what if you had on dirty socks on???? Not real funny. I just pray that God will move on false worship for His glory.

July 26, 2008 at 8:07 PM  

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