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The Reformed Theological Seminary Virtual Campus has recently expanded our free course material offerings via iTunes University. In addition to the chapel messages, promotional video clips, and recordings of special events like the Westminster Confession for Today conference, you can now download lectures from each of our required seminary courses, and many electives.

iTunes works best with an Apple iPod digital media player, but you can take the lectures from the iTunes client and place them on any digital audio player that supports the MP3 format. If you don't have an MP3 player, you can use the iTunes software to play the lectures on your desktop or notebook computer. In addition to giving you access to seminary materials, the Apple iTunes store offers more than 5 million songs, 100,000 free podcasts, 27,000 audiobooks, television shows, and movies. The iTunes software itself is also free, and can be downloaded from our iTunes university site,

It is our hope that these course materials will be a great blessing to those who are not presently able to commit to our full online degree program. We expect that they will also be useful for those who want to get an early start on a course that they are planning on taking for credit. When you register to take the course for credit, you will receive a materials CD containing the latest version of the lectures, a digital course notebook, and access to any interactive features the course may offer. For credit purposes, you should always use the version of the materials on the CD.

Visit the RTS Virtual iTunes University now at

Here is the course I have on my I-Pod right now.

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought

Course Objectives
1. To inform students about the main thinkers in the history of philosophy,
Reformed theology, and liberal theology.

2. To show the interaction of philosophy and theology, especially the influence of
philosophy on our theological formulations.

3. To illumine the spiritual warfare that takes place in the intellectual movements of human history.

4. To give students critical tools to evaluate, not only thinkers of past history, but future thinkers as well.

There are so many courses I could never list them all here. This is a resource that every person who has an I-Pod or a MP3 player should be using today! Go to the I-Tunes store and do a search for Reformed Theological Seminary. You will find that all the courses they offer are available for download!

If you download any of the courses please let me know which one. It would be cool to listen to the same course as someone else is, and then talk about it.

Have a great Saturday.
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