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Christianity today is very much moved by the latest fad or personality. Recently Todd Bentley was all the rage but he is long forgotten. Now it seems there is a move to embrace what is known as, "Soaking Prayer".

Soaking’ is a term used to describe the practice of expectantly waiting and resting in God’s love, rather than striving in prayer. As a result of soaking in God’s presence, people’s lives have been transformed from restored marriages to healed bodies.

New Hope Church here in Abilene, TX is going to hold a Soaking conference:
Here is the information:

Catch the Fire Ministries has recently developed a Soaking in His Presence Weekend. This weekend includes most of the topics included in the Soaking Prayer Center Training School and you will receive a Soaking Prayer School Graduation Certificate upon completion of the weekend. Come by the church for a registration form & schedule that has more information and cost of this special conference.

This is of course more of the same old charismatic theology repackaged in a new way. Experience is the focus not learning from God's word. It is about hearing from God outside of the bible.

Here is a video clip from a recent segment that aired on the 700 club.

Here is a video explaining how they want to place a, "Soaking Prayer Center" in every city. wow, I must have missed that command in scripture! Go forth and establish soaking prayer centers! In fact I don;t think anyone in 2000 years of church history has seen it either!

Here is the video:

I plan to develop an in-depth biblical response to this movement. If you know of videos or articles that talk more about it please send me links to the informaiton. I need as much help as I can get tracking down good information about this movement.

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