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Conservative Christian Music

Any time I post an article about music I know there is always the chance someone will have a problem with what I write. I find it funny that some Christians are more concerned about a style of music then they are about biblical doctrine and correct theology. Many will sit in a church where they are not hearing true biblical preaching because they like the style of music!

Another thing that has always confused me is the people who will only listen to what they call conservative christian music. There are usually the same people who rarely listen to music and never buy music. They speak loudly about how all kinds of musical styles are wicked and ungodly but yet they may have only one or two CDs of the, "right kind of music." In most cases these people are not really music fans so to condemn all kinds of music is no big deal to them because they don't listen to anything!

If you challenge them to point you to some conservative music that you could buy they usually have no clue. Basically there point of view goes like this, most music is evil but I don't really care about finding any music that is Godly and good!

Some people do not like my musical taste however, what they probably don't know is that I listen to more conservative Christian music in a week then they do in a year! I buy it, I search for it, and I look for web-sites that sell it and promote it. So tonight I am going to provide people links to some of the best sites to find conservative Christan music.

If you prefer music that is more conservative you should actually support it and buy some!

So here are some great web-sites:

Baptist Ink

Here are some CDs to look for at this site:

Sun of My Soul
Two classical guitarists, Brian Pinner and David Chapman, present this enjoyable collection of sacred songs for guitar.


Sun of My Soul
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing
Fairest Lord Jesus
The Church's One Foundation
Be Thou My Vision
Were You There?
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken
Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above
Beneath the Cross of Jesus
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
Breate on Me, Breath of God
All Creatures of Our God and King
O Worship the King

Jesus Is All
Violin music by Anna Rossi.

* There Is Power In The Blood
* Jesus Is All (Medley)
* What A Friend We Have In Jesus
* The Story of Jesus Melody
* And Can It Be?
* In The Garden
* Washed In The Blood
* As The Deer
* Great Is Thy Faithfulness
* Messiah, Come (Medley)

Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller's music is a blend of peaceful original songs and old-fashioned hymns, accompanied by an array of beautiful instruments, such as the harp, cello, violin, viola, guitar, piano, and flute.

Akting Music

Here are some CD's to look for at this site:

A Quiet Heart
Songs of devotion and reflection will help quiet your heart before the Lord.

New Every Morning

Old Fashioned Christian Radio Music Store
There is currently 433 CD's for sale at this site!


There is a lot of great music at this site: Here is just a few suggestions.

With Grateful Praise
In this string quartet recording featuring Ryan and Bevan Elliott and Joanna Lebo and Sharon Gerber, you
will enjoy beautiful arrangements of both meditative and spirited pieces to fill your heart with praise to the Lord.

King of Love
King of Love features songs for trusting and treasuring Jesus Christ. The text of each selection performed by the BJU Singers and Orchestra magnifies the excellent character and compassion of Christ, and each song allows a rejoicing believer to savor the sweetness of fellowship with Jesus.

Warren Cook and Dan Forrest have collaborated to create a recording that includes
favorite texts and tunes as magnificent as "Fairest Lord Jesus" and "Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness," and as personally tender as "Be Thou My Vision" and "Give Me Jesus."King of Love exalts the glory of Christ’s name and gives to Him glorious praise!

I will stop for now. I may add other sites and recommendations later.
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Blogger Joe said...

What's funny is when I was but a youth, my pastors told us that because Satan was the leader of the band in heaven and that since he fell he uses music to brain wash us into doing evil (or something to that affect) - which consequently was the reason they gave to the question: "Why is worldly music so much better than christian music?" Instead of saying that there's good christian music out there, you just haven't heard it yet, it always had to be about the devil. what a shame.

November 11, 2008 at 2:37 PM  

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