Monday, December 1, 2008

What to Teach Your Kids?

Ever wonder what to teach your younger kids? Just try to open up the book of Romans and explain it to a 3 year old? I definitely believe in catechisms. For those of you who say, "But that's Catholic!" No! Catechisms were not started by the Roman Catholic church. Catechisms are a great way to teach your children and ground them in the faith.

Here is a link to a children's catechism that you can use to start teaching your young kids the basic truths of the Christian faith.

Simple tool but I've found that the kids love it...and they can learn a whole lot more than just how to make puppets or color. One word of caution to Baptists (I'm one!)...this one is derived from the Westminster Catechism...and some of the questions deal with infant baptism in a postive light. Of course, baptists don't believe in infant baptism or unbelievers being part of the can ask questions about believers' baptism here the meat...spit out the bones!

Truth is important, what better way to start them off on the road to faith in Christ!
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