Thursday, January 1, 2009

Through The Bible In 2009

Happy New Year!

2008 is gone and it is now 2009. A new year is ahead of us, we can waste it or we can use the time wisely. I have challenged the congregation of Victory Baptist Church to read the entire bible in 2009. I am asking them to read it in a different way this year. Instead of just beginning at Genesis and reading it straight through I am suggesting we read the bible in chronological order. This will offer everyone a different perspective on the bible and allow us to understand how things fit together much better. While everyone is reading the bible this year I am going to do a survey of every book of the bible. These messages will be preached at Victory Baptist Church and will be posted at

We will also be posting things related to the readings and the sermons here at the Preaching Today blog. I challenge all the blog team members to post there thoughts on the day;s readings. This is an important study for everyone and I am committed to ensuring when we are done that everyone who participates this year will know there bible better then they ever have!

I know that it is easy to start off with passion and commitment on January 1, 2009. However, the new year will bring challenges and difficulties. I hope that if we all work together and encourage one another we can all accomplish this important task.

Invite everyone you know to join us.

So to get started here are the readings for the next few day's:

Day 1 Genesis 1 - 3
Day 2 Genesis 4 - 7
Day 3 Genesis 8 - 11
Day 4 Job 1 - 5
Day 5 Job 6 - 9

I will try to post my thoughts on the readings for today soon.

So get your bibles and get started!
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