Thursday, December 25, 2008

Church on Christmas?! Are you crazy!

Is this your attitude? Is this your church's not have church on Christmas? Unfortunately that's the normal position of 99% (guesstimate) of America's churches...let's take a day off and not meet so people can visit and open presents, eat and be merry, right? This is extremely sad. This is the day that we supposedly celebrate the birth of our Saviour, about His incarnation and arrival to redeem lost mankind...and yet America's churches will be closed for business.

Here's a novel idea...I know it's not Sun or Wed, but wouldn't it be good to have church services today? I can assure you that Victory Baptist of Ovalo TX will be meeting tonight to sing to the Lord and hear a message from His Word.

Of course in America church is for us and it's just not convenient to meet with all the other stuff going one.

Think about it...
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