Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Manuscripts of the New Testament!

For those who are fascinated with the immense textual support for the New Testament, here is an interesting bit of info. The Center for New Testament Manuscripts has an update on some recent events of interest. Here is what they said:

Here’s a brief update concerning our present expeditions:

On February 23rd, a team led by Dr. Wallace left Dallas for Athens, Greece. They are staying at the Greek Bible Institute in the suburb of Pikermi, approximately an hour’s travel time from the Benaki Museum where they are photographing MSS. Despite the distance, the Center was able to save financial resources by staying at the Institute. So far the Center has identified seven manuscripts that were previously unknown to scholars! That’s equal to what typically turn up in two years’ time worldwide, and it brings the number to nineteen that the Center has discovered in this season of expeditions. Remarkably, one out of five MSS that CSNTM photographs is a new discovery.

Please be praying for the team as they continue serving the Lord through this unique ministry.
Two other ways you can help CSNTM:

1) We would love to come and give a presentation at your Church. Presentations are informatory and give the practical implications our work has for the local Church. Contact me at if you are interested.

2) We need volunteers to help with indexing the manuscripts we photograph. This is a long and laborious task, though a great need. Contact if interested.

Thanks for your support for our organization!

Rob KashowChurch Liaison; Manuscript Collator

I've been in touch with Dr Wallace and some others at the CSNTM and am planning to help with the manuscript indexing...hopefully my atrophying Greek skills will sharpen and I'll become stronger in exegeting God's Word...maybe you are able to help?
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