Monday, August 31, 2009

Marilyn Manson

Christians came out in their droves to protest outside a Marilyn Manson concert in California on Tuesday night. You can read the news report about the protest at this link: Protest

I recorded a commentary about the story. You can listen to my comments here:

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feasting On God's Word

For my devotional study today, I looked at Jeremiah 15:16. You can listen to the study here:

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

False Repentance

Tonight for my devotional study time, I looked at Judges 2:1-5.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tonight I looked at Luke 4:1-13. I called the study, Analyzing Temptation.

You can listen to the study here:

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I Will

Tonight for my devotional study I looked at our responsiblity in the Christian life.

I called the study, Tale of Two I Wills

You can listen to the study here:

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Swine flu could kill 90,000 in US

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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Assumption of Mary

The Catholic Church teaches the following:

We pronounce, declare and define it to be a divinely revealed dogma: that the Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul to heavenly glory." With these words, Pope Pius XII officially and infallibly declared the Assumption of Mary, the Mother of God (theotokos), to be dogma in 1950. In this pronouncement, Pope Pius was simply stating dogmatically what the Church, East and West, had believed for many years.

The Catholic Catechism further explains:

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin is a singular participation in her Son's Resurrection and an anticipation of the resurrection of other Christians (966).

The Catechism then quotes from the Troparion of the Feast of the Dormition from the Byzantine Liturgy:

In giving birth you kept your virginity; in your Dormition you did not leave the world, O Mother of God, but were joined to the source of Life. You conceived the living God and, by your prayers, will deliver our souls from death. (966)

Thus, the Assumption of Mary is not only a participation in her Son's resurrection, but a preview of our future resurrections. As such, the dogma of Mary's Assumption is firmly rooted in the actions and person of Christ, and in the virtue of Christian hope.

Last week I taught on this subject, You can hear the message here:

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stolen Hearts - Conquered Kingdom

Tonight my devotional study was on 2 Samuel 15:1-8. You can listen to the study here:

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Satan's Devices

For my devotional time over the past few day's, I have been studying Satan's Devices. The idea started with me looking at 2 Corinthians 2:11 and has grown from there.
You can listen to my devotional studies right here:

Please leave a comment if these devotional studies are helpful.
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I apologize for not posting more frequently. I will try to ensure new content everyday. Last night I got some new music and want to share it with you.

Artist: RIO aka Kuntry Boyy
Album: “A Different World”
Label: Christ Like Records

This album is getting some very nice reviews. Consider the following:

RATING:10 out of 10 A+ (I purposely tried not to give this album a perfect score but, it’s a mirror image of flawless)


DeMario Oliver used to be a whoremonger, womanizer, a habitual liar, and so much more. I know this personally not because a cd told me so. And he did these things for YEEEEAAAAARRRRRSSSSSS!!! While being a so called Christian in Church. I know this personally not because a cd told me so. All this, while being a very talented drummer in the Gospel Music and Play arena.

Therefore, it WAS very challenging for me to accept that Ri was a Believer who wanted to make an impact with his local assembly in the community by using his life beyond music. Furthermore, I was just down right taken aback when it was announced that RIO would be standing before millions on a public platform as a Christian Rapper or Holy Hip Hopper because I knew his history, as I just previously stated.

So through the fire comes the Gold.

RIO has been the product of GOD’s hand manifesting him on a road of 180ness…never to return to his vomit.

Over the past 3 years I’ve closely watched RIO and I know that I have not been alone in doing so.

RIO had some “bastardly” ways and he hurt numerous people….myself included in that number.

But, after all of the that…The LORD Christ Jesus Himself repented, changed, charged, covered, delivered, and elevated DeMario Oliver to a place of reconciliation and redemption.

And out of all those labor pains comes the birth of a life of integrity, love, compassion, and standard. And they all in turn spewed out the product of RIO’s debut album entitled “A Different World!”

I got the advanced copy from RIO himself….a few days prior to writing this review. And….

All I have to say is THAT….I-million-dog-dare-you to find ONE wack song on this record. I dare you!!!

The scriptural foundation of this album is the following scripture in John (KJV):

“John 18:36 - Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world …”

RIO does a pretty swell job with infusing the meaning of that Scripture in “A Different World” the album. But, what’s even more impressive is…he now has a Life to match!


The production on “A Different World” matches or surpasses production in any genre…period.

There are only Three producer for this 17 track master piece. Those producers are Kuntry Boyy of Kuntry Boyy Productions, Steve-T of Forever Music, and J.R. of So Hot Productions. And they used some GOD given ability to hand craft some musical Gems.

The musical backdrop for the lyrics on this album is just Phenomenal to say the least.

NethraDenise adds tremendous spark as a Female Christian Rapper on Track 12 “Life 2 Da Body.” She was fantastic on this song especially seeing how both Secular and Christian Hip Hop are Male dominated. RIO and MikeREAL [better known in St. Louis as the dynamic duo] crush Track 11 “We Live.” MikeREAL is really developing as a Kingdom MVP as far as HHH is concerned. This will not get him any points with the KING but, for all you music lovers out there I thought you’d like to know who to watch and support.

New comer Brother Terrence brings a delightfully laid back approach to Track 14 “B.O.S.S” SoulO absolutely will be one of the reasons you love Track 4 “Stand Up.” His chorus is so radiant, vocally.

Devin Thacker proves that Caucasians can not only JUMP but, they can sing too. On Track 17 “Guide Me Home” Devin does a beautiful job of balancing his singing and keeping his vocal contributions attractive by not trying too hard to empress listeners and in the process “screwing up the song,” He doesn’t screw up! So, Devin Thacker is one to watch out for if you are a Holy Hip Hop Head that also loves Rhythm and Praise.

Speaking of Rhythm and Praise the highly impacting J.R. has used his vocal prowess to lace the crafty chorus on Track 10 “So Elektrick.” NOT ONLY THAT but, J.R. has a warrant out for his ‘arrest and conviction’ for making one of the most musically brilliant tracks I’ve ever heard in the HHH genre. His beat for “Live FREE” by LeCrae had the title belt until now. “So Electrick” is just astronomical!

The Band of Brothers (Jentile and Gabe) ride Track 15 “Rockabye” so tight you wonder if they thought it was a ride at Six Flags. B.O.B did an outstanding job. One half of B.O.B known as Jentile is the CEO of Christ Like Records. It is amazing how he is juggling all these hats cause by the sound of this album Jentile will have his hands full seeing to it that “A Different World” and RIO see the proper marketing and promotion needed to get this record the exposure it will take to make this project known to those who are looking for something like this.

Kenny DeShields is also featured on Track 15 "Rockabye" lending some very gentle and smooth vocals to the hook. Kenny's voice is a treat no doubt.

Paisa is a great addition because he is simply ‘extraterrestrial’ as a KINGDOM guitarist not surrendering his craft and skills to the world. Cause if you watched Making The Band 4 we know that Diddy is making “His Band” and is looking for Guitar players even if they come from the Church. So, I applaud Paisa for not compromising cause he ‘Hulk Hogan’d’ and ‘Air Jordan’d’ Track 7 “Pain Killer.”

Track 8 “Eyes Open” features fellow St. Louis Christian Producer Steve-T [who has an awesome testimony of deliverance but, that’s for another story]. Steve-T must’ve made this beat for the Holy Riders like ( who got them BIG TOYS. I mean this song sounds so BIG and beats so HARD that a little Ford Focus might mess around and have a mechanical seizure when Track 8 is played.

Jessica Edwards’s voice is so angelic, pleasing to the ear, and fresh that RIO and Christ Like Records so it was mandatory that she be featured on NOT ONE but TWO songs….Track 7 “Pain Killer” and Track 9 “Lettin’ Go!”

Speaking of things that I know about RIO…seeing that he is the music producer better known as Kuntry Boyy he is somewhat of a perfectionist so it is no mystery that the featured artist on this album showcased KINGDOM EXCELLENCE.


At the begging of this review, I gave you a challenge to find one wack song. But, if I just must pick unwack songs that will jump out at you they are as follows…Track 1 “Greetings Earthlings”, Track 10 “So Elektrick,” Track 12 “Life 2 Da Body.” Track 7 “Pain Killer,” Track 16 “Made To Worship,” Track 5 “Part II,” Track 13 “Knock Ville,” Track 14 “B.O.S.S,” the lead single Track 3 “Crazie”…..hey…hey…hey…I’mma stop there, cause if I keep going I’m going to list the whole album.

“A Different World” has an alien theme and the arrangement of all 17 songs superbly support this theme. Every songs message and theme flawlessly flows into the next song. RIO does an commendable job of making sure this album makes sense and he connects it well to the title “A Different World.”

Mykk C. absolutely made this record contend with Rebel and Our World Redeemed. Mykk C. mixed and mastered “A Different World” and just made every Christian music lover, listener, and maker out there proud by putting in work to see to it that KINGDOM music sounds beautifully immaculate. Thank you Mykk!!

After FLAME’s “Our World Redeemed” I thought that other Midwest HHH albums were going to have a run for their money to create projects that were just as sonically explosive. There have been Midwest, Holy South, East, and West HHH albums to be released since “Our World Redeemed” and except for one… NONE of them sound even close to matching the quality. The exception is LeCrae’s “REBEL” which just sounds BAM good!

“A Different World” has just now entered that list of contenders. So, the list is as follows FLAME’s “Our World Redeemed,” LeCrae’s “REBEL,” and RIO’s “A Different World.” Quality and Production wise these albums make some [if not a lot of] secular albums sound extremely poor in the sonic quality and production department in all regions whether secular dirty south, west, east, or midwest!

Lyrically RIO presents an extremely-dynamic work that has balanced Spiritual Truth, Biblical Relevance, and Rapping Skill to make his contribution to the world of Holy Hip Hop attractive. He has a beautiful blend of “Messiah and Metaphors.”

The album artwork is RAW. Shaun Osmer of did a outstanding execution of keeping the extraterrestrial theme consistent. My only suggestion would be that the artwork could’ve used a tad bit more color than just RIO’s eye and the title on the front Cover. But, over all the design is RAW.

Rick Brewer of took some award worthy photography. Nuff said!

It’s amazing how true the LORD’s word is. It’s even more amazing to witness how that Truth can be seen with both the spiritual and physical eye.

DeMario was an “Ugly” person with some “Ugly” ways but, our KING spoke over him and what He spoke took root in RIO. The Bible puts it this way….

1. “Psalms 149:4 - For the LORD taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.”

2. “2 Corinthians 5:17 - Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

So, to me DeMario is definitely a “Crazie” ALIEN and I look forward to never knowing him nor anyone else after their flesh again…just as I no longer know Christ after His!!!

It’s a New Day and “A Different World!” So, be mindful how you entertain strangers because some have entertained ALIENS, unaware.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lecrae's Story

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Christian Nonsense...READ YOUR BIBLES!

I just wish that instead of propagating stupid and insane conspiracy theories about whether OBama is the anti-christ that people would actually read their Bibles and study and love it in order to know the Saviour.

This silly video insinuates that Barak Obama is the antichrist. It uses what "appears" to be some intense studies of the original languages to do so. Not really. For example, they say that the Hebrew word 1399 in Strongs is "baraq". So what. They focus in on one verse to prove their point...but do they go over the others and find an antichrist hiding under those rocks? NO! Here are the other verses that use the Hebrew word "baraq":

  • Exodus 19:16
  • Deuteronomy 32:41
  • Judges 4:6- This one has someone called "Barak"- guess he was the antichrist too? (numerous mentions of his name in chapters 4 & 5)
  • 2 Sam 22:15
  • Job 20:25, 38:35
  • Psalm 18:15, 77:19, 97:4, 135:7, 144:6
  • Jeremiah 10:13, 51:16
  • Ezekiel 1:13, 21:15, 20, 33
  • Daniel 10:6
  • Nahum 2:5, 3:3, 3:11
  • Zechariah 9:14
For those who want to know more of the technical fallacies of this video's claims can read Dr Dan Wallace's article on the Parchment and Pen blog at the following:

Folks...there is NOT a lot about the antichrist in the Word. You want to know why? Because he is a bug in the history of redemption and is NOT the Christ. Guess what!?? There is a LOT about the Christ, the Son of God, Jesus the Messiah in the Word.

Instead of posting wild and stupid videos like the one about studying about THE CHRIST and knowing His identity. He is definitely coming back and he'll be asking. Did I know you? You ready for the answer?? Not if you're spending all your time trying to figure out who the antichrist is.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Every sinner loves sin

Every sinner loves sin. He places his whole delight in it. The only happiness, with which he is acquainted, consists in gratifying either the desires of the flesh, the desires of the eye, or the pride of life. But all these things are contrary to the will of God. He forbids the sinner to pursue them; he forbids him to indulge or gratify his sinful propensities; he commands him to mortify and destroy them, to deny himself, to take up his cross, follow Christ, and live a religious life, in which sinners can find no pleasure. He not only requires all this, but threatens all, who do not comply, with everlasting punishment. Whenever, therefore, the sinner thinks of God, he thinks of a being, who crosses all his, darling inclinations, thwarts all his schemes of happiness, and treads down self, that idol which he loves to worship, and to which he wishes every thing to give way. The sinner, therefore, cannot but look upon God, when he views him in his true character, as his greatest and most irreconcilable enemy. Agreeably, he is represented by the inspired writers as saying in his heart, No God; that is, would there were no God, or that I could escape from or resist his power. But this, reason and revelation assure him, is impossible. They tell him, that he can neither deceive God, nor fly from him, nor resist him; that he is completely in his power, and that God will dispose of him just as he pleases.

Edward Payson 1783-1827
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Hebrews 2:9-10

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Princeton and Propositions

This article that was posted on the Parchment and Pen blog is very true...and it hits the heart of the biggest problem I see in the Reformed Baptist world...we have to be careful to make sure we don't just touch the head...and forget the heart in our search for the truth. If our doctrine only affects our head and doesn't sink into the heart...and then on to application in our lives then we have (in the words of Pastor Hammack) aborted the truth.

Head...heart...feet. That's Christianity. How are we doing?

By Jim Sawyer

During my seminary career, although I majored in New Testament, I spent much time studying, particularly Historical Theology, and more particularly Reformed Theology in America. (In fact I went on to do my Ph.D. in Historical Theology.) Although I studied at Dallas Seminary, considered the bastion of Dispensationalism I did not buy wholly into the system. Instead I fell in love with the Princetonians: Charles Hodge, A.A. Hodge and particularly B.B. Warfield of whom it has been said had the theological mind of a Charles Hodge and a Wm. G.T. Shedd rolled into one. It is also said that after Jonathan Edwards, Warfield was the greatest theological mind ever produced in America. Warfield particularly had a razor-sharp mind and studied the positions of his theological opponents so he knew what they believed better than they did. As a result he could spot weaknesses in his opponents’ positions a mile (or more) away. He did not resort to name-calling, nor did he twist his opponents positions when involved in argument. Rather like Irenaeus the great second century opponent of Gnosticism thought the best way to discredit an opponent’s position was to give it a full exposition, working out the hidden assumptions and propositions. When this was done the opponent’s position would fall under its own weight, as discredited. I loved the logic and the clear thinking and the closely integrated system. In short it was supremely rational. The Princetonians also had a reputation for a warm personal piety (See Andrew Hoffecker, Piety and the Princeton Theologians).

Twenty-five years ago, when I was just starting my career as a Professor of Theology and I was doing research for my Ph.D. dissertation I traveled to New York City to read the Briggs Papers housed in the Library of Union Theological Seminary across the street from Colombia University at Broadway and 122nd I spent two weeks pouring over Briggs’ personal correspondence. Charles A. Briggs was Warfield’s great theological opponent in the 1880’s and 90’s with whom he battled over the question of biblical inerrancy. During my research, I discovered a darker side to the Princetonian tradition. That darker side involved an absolute devotion to the Westminster Confession as the pinnacle of theological achievement that could never be improved upon. Charles Hodge boasted that a new idea never arose at Princeton. Warfield, although a much better theologian than Hodge never wrote a systematic theology because he believed that his mentor’s Systematic Theology could not be improved upon. They adopted a mentality which Briggs labeled orthodoxism “Orthodoxism assumes to know the truth and is unwilling to learn; it is haughty and arrogant, assuming the divine prerogatives of infal­libility and inerrancy; it hates all truth that is unfamiliar to it, and persecutes it to the uttermost.” St., near Harlem.

I also discovered a deep dichotomy between the head and the heart. Charles Hodge, as representative of the Princetonian position, displayed a great antipathy for any emphasis on the subjective nature of Christianity. At one point he stated: “The idea that Christianity is a form of feeling, a life, and not a system of doctrines is con­trary to the faith of all Christians. Christianity always has a creed. A man who believes certain doctrines is a Christian.” (Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review 29:693.) This stress on the objective nature of the Faith has led to the charge that Princeton was rational­istic in its approach to Christianity. Numerous historians and theologians have contended that the Princetonians compartmentalized faith and life. For example, C. R. Jeschke states of the Princetonians:

The strict compartmentalization of formal theology and the life of piety that came to prevail at Princeton reflected in part the growing irrelevance of traditional modes of thought and inherited statements of faith for the needs of the church in a rapidly changing world. The fact that Hodge and his colleagues, like most of their contempo­raries, were unaware of the sickness in the theological body, only permitted the condi­tion to worsen, and heightened the reaction of the patient to the cure, when its true condition was finally diagnosed. (”The Briggs Case”, p. 56.)

Back to my discoveries in the Briggs papers, it was here that I saw the practical outworking of the Princetonian position. Briggs’ uncle, Marvin Briggs who had studied at Princeton Seminary had been soured on the whole mindset that surrounded the Princetonian pre-commitment to the Westminster Confession. While studying in Germany he writes to Marvin, “I have one course . . . on System­atic Theology which seems to be your detestation. However the subject is treated differently from what you had at Princeton. Prof. Dorner goes back to the Bible as his first step . . .” (B. T. 1:27). Several months later he wrote: “It is unfortunate for you that you were educated at Princeton where there is an incarnation of doctrine and everything is looked on from that standpoint. Here in Germany . . . everything is looked upon from a scriptural standpoint. The only difficulty is there is too little reverence for Scripture as the Word of God and too great an exaltation of human reason as arbiter over it” (B.T. 1:42. Underscoring original, italics added). Later in the same letter he characterized Princeton’s system as “pernicious.”

I also discovered that while the Princeton theologians themselves were able to maintain a warm personal piety with their commitment to the system, the graduates of Princeton were not. it is not too much to say that many even among the Old School read only the theological material of the Princetonians. This fact contributed to a cold creedal orthodoxy among a significant contingent of the Old School with its stress on pure doctrine. Even the great Greek grammarian Basil L. Gildersleeve, himself a Princeton graduate, decried the “baleful influence of Princeton” stating that there was from there “very little hope of a generous vivifying force” (Letter from Gildersleeve to Charles Augustus Briggs, Briggs Transcripts, 5.470 (Twelve ledger books hand-copied by Emilie Grace Briggs comprising a transcription of Charles Briggs’ personal correspondence, Union Theological Seminary Library). Many letters from Princeton grads were in Briggs’ correspondence. What comes through the written lines is a cold rational commitment to truth which touched the head but bounced off the heart.

Why is this important for us today? Because we see the same spirit within the academic wing of evangelicalism. We see theology that has reduced the truth of God to timeless abstract propositions. A theology that puffs up the knower with pride that he or she is committed to the truth, and even reduces love as another proposition to be parroted rather than a relationship to be experienced.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Glenn Beck Was Wrong

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