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Bible Doctrine For Older Children

By James W. Beeke

Bible Doctrine for Older Children is a two volume series consisting of twenty chapters which contain simple explanations of all major biblical doctrines. Book A contains chapters 1-10 and Book B chapters 11-20. The explanations were written for children eleven years of age and older. This series contains more than 150 stories and illustrations to help explain the doctrinal concepts being taught.

These books were written for home, personal, or family reading; school Bible doctrine teaching; or church catechetical instruction.

Book A

1. Introduction, God’s Revelation, The Bible
2. God’s Names, God’s Attributes, The Trinity
3. God’s Decree, Predestination
4. God’s Creation, Angels
5. God’s Providence
6. The Creation of Man, The Image of God, Man’s Soul and Body, The Covenant of Works
7. The Fall of Man, Sin, Death
8. The Covenant of Grace
9. The Mediator, The Natures of Jesus Christ, The Names of Jesus Christ
10. The Offices of Jesus Christ, The States of Jesus Christ

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Book B

11. Doctrinal Standards,
The Five Points of Calvinism
12. Calling, 
13. Faith,
Types of Faith
14. Justification, Sanctification
15. Prayer
16. The Church,
The Church Offices,
Church Government,
Church Discipline
17. The Means of Grace,
God’s Word,
God’s Law and Gospel
18. God’s Sacraments,
Holy Baptism
19. The Lord’s Supper
20. The Soul After Death,
Christ’s Second Coming,
The Resurrection of the Dead,
The Final Judgment,

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