Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evolutionist Says: Darwinism is in Trouble!

Several years ago Dr. Francis Hitching gave us his book The Neck of the Giraffe and in this he writes that Darwinism is in a lot of trouble. He laments, and I'm using his own words, that evolution "has not, contrary to general belief, and despite very great efforts, been proven."

Hitching points out that fossils do not show any history of evolutionary development. He says, creatures "come into the fossil record seemingly from nowhere - mysteriously, suddenly, fully formed and in a most un-Darwinian way." He admits that the systematic gaps in the fossil record will never be filled with evolutionary ancestors and that it can no longer be claimed that someday scientists will find the missing creatures. He confesses that in the history of life, plants and animals must be treated as though they came into existence fully formed - in the forms we know today. Hitching also notes other problems and complains that science has no idea how the genetic code could have formed without a Creator, while mutations cannot explain the supposed changes of evolution.

Hitching insists that there can be no debate that evolution actually took place. After all, he says, we are here and that is proof enough. But his statements are an honest and bottom-line admission that the theory of evolution has no support from the scientific facts.

Go here to read the original article and listen to the audio.
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