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Killing Sin

I have spent most of my night listening to the CD, "Killing Sin" by Timothy Brindle.

You can download this amazing CD from I-Tunes.

I don't know where to begin! This is not a CD that you can just casually listen to. Every track gives you so much to think about that I found myself repeating each track a number of times, and still could not grasp all that is there. Before I say more about the CD I want to point people to the following review of the album:

The following was found at:


Album Overview

If ever there was a rapper who could give you a complete sermon over the course of an album, it would have to be Lamp Mode Recordings' Timothy Brindle, hands down. On his first project The Great Awakening, Brindle served it up real Christlike with intricate rhymes that explored the concept of being reborn in the Spirit and the beginning of his spiritual journey in Christ Jesus. With this latest project, Brindle is focused on delivering a sermon over beats that every believer needs to continually hear. What is this project? It's title is Killing Sin where Timothy Brindle seeks to expound upon ways in which we, as Christians, can crucify our flesh and have victory over sin.

The album quickly jumps off with an introductory track titled "The Interview" where The Mysterious Herb (played by shai linne) interviews rapper Tim Brindle on the killing sin discussion. Questions are addressed as to why this concept for an album, among other things that Brindle rhymes his answers over a rather simple beat from Deejay Essence. After giving his thesis, Timothy gets right into the meat of the album, starting with "Pressing into the Kingdom." This track is undoubtedly my absolute favorite track on the album as the beat (Deejay Essence again) is very racy and Brindle's lyrical imagery is as vivid as a painting by Rembrandt. Here, the rhyme gives a visual depiction of living in the spirit and the journey that we all undergo while trying to serve our Lord and avoid the temptations of sin that easily trip us up. The imagery that is used in this song leaves you feeling as if you have just finished watching a movie; I could easily see that rhyme being turned into a comic book or animated movie.
Spiritual Significance

From here, the remainder of the album really gets in-depth with the issue of killing sin and living in holiness. Songs like "Let's Kill Sin!," "The Sinfulness of Sin" and "The Temptation" all deal with the issues of sin and discussing how powerful and destructive this can be in our lives if we allow it to become a stronghold in our lives. "The Temptation" is a powerful song as it deals with the reality of pornography in the lives of both believers and unbelievers, as well as Timothy's personal struggle with this beast. With this song, Timothy tells of the dangers of porn and how easy it is for us to get hooked to it; but most importantly, he gives you instruction on how to be delivered from this form of perversion and remain in victory over it. This is indeed the reality of this album, it points out sin and calls it what it is, and then gives you the answer on how to defeat it.

The primary method in which we are able to kill sin is through Jesus Christ, who is given a prominent role in Timothy's sermon on "Killing Sin." It wouldn't be appropriate for Timothy to point out the problem of sin if he didn't offer up a solution to those who are dealing with struggles of sin. His answer is very simple, Jesus Christ, as well as prescribing other means of fighting sin. One of the songs that offers up such a solution is "Sacrifice of Worship" featuring Evangel (of Christcentric) and Ackdavis. With this track, the three emcees offer up three methods in which we can worship the Lord: 1) verbally offering up praise to the Lord, 2) with our behavior, and 3) with our entire lives. Other songs remind us to take a "Fruit Inspection" and to walk in the "Power of the Holy Spirit," while some songs remind us about the "Blessings of Obedience" and "The Faithfulness of Christ" to deliver us from our temptations.

As a whole, this album is one of the greatest examples of lyrical theology that you'll ever come across. Fans always hype up Ambassador for bringing Scripture in his rhymes, but Timothy Brindle tops the charts with this album. From beginning to end, you're hooked and unable to turn the music off. Brindle's rhyme schemes are very diversified and the production is more than a compliment to Brindle's lyrics; combining the two together gives you perfect songs. There isn't a single track worth skipping on this album, seriously. Every song contains so much meat that you can't help but to take away something new from each listen. Also, make sure to read the CD insert as it contains a bounty of Scriptural knowledge as well. I was highly impressed by this album and now I'm motivated even more to continually mortify the sin in my life.
Topics Covered

With the overarching theme of Killing Sin being that of putting to death the works and deeds of the flesh and to live a life of holiness, every track is fixed and hinges upon that single point of focus. Even with that though, Timothy Brindle offers up a wide variety of topics on the issue of killing sin, such as:

* Fighting against sin daily (Pressing into the Kingdom, Let's Kill Sin, The Battle)
* Sin of pornography (Step into the Light, The Temptation)
* Producing spiritual fruit (Fruit Inspection, Blessings of Obedience)
* Walking in the Holy Spirit (Power of the Holy Spirit, Sacrifice of Worship)
* Focusing on Christ (Fix Your Eyes, The Excellency of Christ)
* Christ's work to save us from sin (The Humility of Christ, The Faithfulness of Christ)

That's just a taste of the topics covered. There is so much on this album that you'll walk away with something new every single time you listen to it.
Key Tracks

Pressing into the Kingdom, The Battle, The Preciousness of Time, Let's Kill Sin

I will post more thoughts on this great CD later.
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