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'Life is Short, Have an Affair'

As Christians we know that we love in a fallen world however, there are times that we are still shocked by what we see and hear. Today there has been a lot of discussion on the news about a commercial. The ad was created by Ashley

Let me give some background and information about the company.

Ashley Madison Agency Says Life Is Short, Have an Affair

Pimps are not what they used to be. In the past, they were the slimy guys in the alley who would seek to procure paying customers for the bodies of the women they victimized. Nowadays they are online services advocating secondary and even tertiary relationships, swinging, and affair guarantees - for a price.

The Ashley Madison agency pimps married folks looking for a quick romp in the hay. Hailing itself the "world's #1 married dating service specifically for attached men and women who are looking to have an extra-marital affair," the service makes no bones about its mission.

Life Is Too Short, Have an Affair with the Affair Guarantee Program for $249

Payment of $249 entitles the customer to participation in the "affair guarantee program," which pledges you to find "someone" within three months or your money back. To ensure that you keep up your end of the bargain, you must set up an attractive profile with photo, send at the very least 60 priority mail messages to different members, send five Ashley gifts, and engage in at least 180 minutes of instant messaging during that timeframe.

If after 90 days and 60 sex laced messages, five gifts and three hours of begging for attention and sexual favors there is still nobody to be found who willingly does (part of this sentence has been removed due to the fact it could offend some preaching today readers ), Ashley Madison, too, will throw in the towel, refund your money, and allow you and your battered ego to slink off.

If one may believe Noel Biderman, president of Ashley Madison, the Canadian agency has been in business for seven years and counts 2.5 million members. Your odds of finding a home wrecker for your purposes are better than average

What Do The Numbers Say?

According to the statistics quoted by the Truth about Deception website, 30-60% of American married folks do buy into the idea that life is too short, and have an affair. Of those who do have extramarital sex, 2-3% will welcome a child into their lives that is the issue of the extramarital affair. Most women will not reveal their misstep to their husbands and thus the number of men unknowingly raising someone else's child is hard to guess.

It is easy to take the high road and look down your nose at the home wreckers, but consider that monogamy, once again according to the numbers, is an extraordinarily tough road to travel, and divorce statistics show that while rutting like bunnies is easy, maintaining a monogamous relationship with one partner till "death do you part" is a challenge to which the majority of marital partners cannot or will not rise.

You can read the original article at this link:

Here is the commercial that is getting talked about today: Commercial - Watch more Free Videos

NPR did a story about Ashley Madison. You can listen to their report here:

Web Site Makes Millions by Connecting Cheaters

Husbands and wives need to understand this kind of web-site is out there! They need to have open and frank discussions about temptation and struggle. They need to spend some time together in a serious study of 1 Corinthians 7.

I would think this post should generate some very interesting discussions.
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