Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Postcard Controversy

Chris Rosebrough, host of the radio show Fighting for the Faith, recently came up with the idea of a post card that should stop all Christians in their tracks and make them think. After you see the post card I think you will see why there is controversy.

I have listened to countless sermons via the web and have to agree there is a serious problem in the area of spiritual nourishment in the church.

Now I understand the responsibility of the Pastor/Shepherd or if you prefer Undershepherd to feed the flock, but the responsibility doesn't stop there.
We as Christians have a responsibility to do private study. Let me explain it like this, My church has three services a week. If that's all I get spiritually how healthy do you think I will be? Now put your physical body in place of the spiritual and only eat three times a week. See my point!

Contemplations of a Young Calvinist Blog has done a great job covering this controversy
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